• 5uper Honey is pure honey infused with pollen & MCT. Here’s 5 ways 5uper Honey is super! Boost your brain power Increased energy Improve menopausal symptoms Contains flavonoids (antioxidants) Natures Multivitamin containing Vit A, E, D, C & B Group + Minerals (Iron, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium & Iron) There’s a wisdom in using natural remedies that have a history of improving our health and lifestyle. Over many millennia, humans have been using bee products like honey and bee pollen for a variety of reasons including the treatment of wounds, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and suppressing a cough. Increasingly, research is showing how these products can improve immune function, reduce menopausal symptoms, increase energy levels and even build muscle! MCT Oil provides a fast and powerful source of energy from fats, not sugar, to provide energy without having to use glucose. MCTs convert ketones and are rapidly absorbed and metabolised, giving you an energy boost and focus. Our MCT is made from 100% organic coconut oil. By infusing raw honey with pollen + Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) we have created 5uper Honey. Try a spoonful of 5uper Honey with your coffee – it’s our take on a bulletproof coffee! 220g glass jar.
  • Honey and vinegar have been used for medicinal and culinary purposes for thousands of years, with folk medicine often combining the two as a health tonic. Both honey and apple cider vinegar are considered natural antimicrobials and due to its fermentation process, apple cider vinegar contains probiotics. These helpful bacteria aid digestion and boost immunity. Ingredients: pure wild honey infused with apple cider vinegar with "the mother". 200ml glass hip flask.
  • Bee Pollen is a superfood and is nutritionally complete containing many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. West Australian bee pollen is the purest and safest bee pollen in the World. It is sourced from bee hives located where there is a high density of wild flowers and eucalypt that produce high quality pollen. Here beekeepers are able to ethically harvest the pollen ensuring no harm comes to the bees. It is an excellent source of protein and may assist with boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, menopausal symptoms and wound healing. Serving Suggestion: Delicious in smoothies or sprinkled on yogurt. Add to cereal or desserts. A teaspoon under the tongue can be taken for an immediate energy boost. Warning: Some people experience allergies to bee pollen if sensitive to stings/bee products. Please see a health professional before consuming if you have concerns. Packaged in Bowral, Southern Highlands. Ingredients: 100% WA Bee pollen. Product of Australia, packaged in Bowral, Southern Highlands. 250 grams
  • Creamed honey blended together with organic coconut and turmeric to create a soft set buttery consistency.

    Add a teaspoon to your favourite milk to make a nutritious DIY Golden Milk hot drink or smoothie!

    400g glass jar.
  • Using a traditional Austrian recipe, this natural remedy has proven effectiveness against coughs. We suggest a teaspoon whenever a cough persists. Safe for children and they will love the taste! Ingredients: pure wild honey infused with organic lemons,  organic ginger, organic garlic and organic onions. 200ml glass hip flask.
  • Honey and chai spices blended together to create a soft set buttery consistency. Add a teaspoon or two to a small amount of boiling water, allow to steep for a few minutes before stirring in your favourite milk. Ingredients: pure wild honey, ground ginger, cinnamon, ground cloves, allspice, cardamom. 400g glass jar.
  • Honey and cocoa blended together to create a soft set buttery consistency. A naturally heathy chocolate spread. Delicious straight from the jar! Ingredients: pure wild honey, cocoa powder. 400g glass jar.
  • Honey and cinnamon blended together to create a soft set buttery consistency. Our Creamed Cinnamon honey is delicious on sourdough topped with banana, served on oats or by the spoonful! Ingredients: pure wild honey, cinnamon 400g glass jar.
  • Creamed honey blended together to create a soft set buttery consistency. Ingredients: pure wild honey. 400g glass jar.
  • Honey and organic vanilla bean extract blended together to create a soft set buttery consistency. Ingredients: pure wild honey, organic vanilla bean extract. 400g glass jar.
  • Pollen and nectar sourced from Gundungurra Country.

    The traditional lands of the Gundungurra people include present day Goulburn, Wollondilly Shire, the Blue Mountains and the Southern Highlands. Pure wild honey, product of Australia.

    400g glass jar.
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    Honey Bug (cricket)

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    Did you know that crickets are one of the most sustainable protein sources around? We believe we have found the best 100% Aussie farmed crickets from Circle Harvest. You’ll be chirping about how delicious our blend of honey enriched with cricket protein tastes! Add a spoonful to your smoothies, spread it on toast or our favourite combo, Honey Bug Latte! Just add milk and stir! Ingredients: Australian Honey, Cricket Protein Powder Acheta Domesticus (Shellfish) 220g glass jar.
  • Lemon Myrtle honey is the first of our indigenous botanical range, we have infused our Gundungurra Amber Honey with Lemon Myrtle which has fresh undernotes of citrus and was used by First Nations Australians as bush medicine. It has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties. Our Lemon Myrtle honey is delicious paired with cheese, chicken and seafood dishes. Ingredients: Honey, Lemon Myrtle extract. 400g glass jar.
  • Sourced in the beautiful Southern Highlands from seasonal eucalypt blooms and wild flowers. Ingredients: pure wild honey. 400g glass jar.
  • Slippery elm is a tree native to central and eastern United States and Canada. It is used to soothe a number of symptoms such as inflammatory bowel diseases, coughs and sore throats, heartburn and indigestion and even urinary tract issues. We recommend a teaspoon of this honey before meals. Ingredients: pure wild honey infused with organic slippery elm powder. 400g glass jar.


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