Bee Pollen is a superfood and is nutritionally complete containing many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. West Australian bee pollen is the purest and safest bee pollen in the World. It is sourced from bee hives located where there is a high density of wild flowers and eucalypt that produce high quality pollen. Here beekeepers are able to ethically harvest the pollen ensuring no harm comes to the bees. It is an excellent source of protein and may assist with boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, menopausal symptoms and wound healing.

Serving Suggestion: Delicious in smoothies or sprinkled on yogurt. Add to cereal or desserts. A teaspoon under the tongue can be taken for an immediate energy boost.

Warning: Some people experience allergies to bee pollen if sensitive to stings/bee products. Please see a health professional before consuming if you have concerns.

Packaged in Bowral, Southern Highlands.
Ingredients: 100% WA Bee pollen. Product of Australia, packaged in Bowral, Southern Highlands.

250 grams