our values.

Our values are sustainable, slow food, respect, ethical and conscious products. In selecting our values we have been guided by the UN Sustainable Goals of 12 ‘Responsible Consumption’, and 15 ‘Life on Land’. 

Combining traditional beekeeping practices with slow food techniques we make conscious honey products with a focus on sustainability. With the environment under unprecedented threat we need new approaches to food techniques. We need to step away from our current fast-food practices and embrace the traditional slow food techniques used prior to the seventies.  Nothing connects a community like food and especially fresh food from your local producer.

Being able to provide a true hive to customer experience and engage others by sharing the story of the journey is a privilege and what we enjoy doing most. We have a desire to create things of enduring value and pure food, made from real honey harvested from our region makes this experience authentic. We hope to continue to engage passionate people dedicated to change and create products that have a positive impact.